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Getting a website launched can feel like a long lonely project. But with Client Winning Websites & Blogs you’ve got a friend to walk you through the steps and show you lots of examples to ignite your own awesome creativity.

In this program you’ll have Learning Guides, Action Exercises, Templates, a Step-by-Step Checklist to follow and gorgeous video lightboxes showing examples of real sites and more.

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Get the most you can out of Client Winning Websites & Blogs by using everything available to you on this site. Don’t forget to post your wins and AHA’s in the COMMENTS section!

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A Note of Caution: The videos and learning guides in this program use example sites to illustrate certain techniques. Websites are always evolving, and later versions of the same sites may or may not use the same features. Don’t assume that this program endorses every aspect of the sites used as examples.

This program provides general information about its subject, including related marketing, legal and financial issues. As always in business, your results will depend on your actions and market conditions. And no published material is a substitute for professional advice. For specific advice geared to your situation, please consult an expert.

Every effort is made to update the links and test the services recommended in the Cutting Edge Resources section of the program. But of course, your experience will vary. If you find a broken link or have any feedback on a recommended service, please do contact my staff using the Technical Support link above.